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Fill out the information below if you are allergic to latex, know someone who is allergic to Latex, or would like to just advocate the regulation of the use of Latex. The goal of this petition or survey is to get statistical data of how many people suffer from this allergy and to get stories from people who suffer from this allergy so that the general public can be educated. Use this form if you would like to give your accounts of dealing with a Latex allergy and would like your story posted to the Latex Stories page.


Petition for Change

By submitting your info to the petition below, you agree that Latex products should be regulated and that the following types of regulations should be met:


recognition under the American with Disabilities Act: Latex allergy sufferers have a disability because their ability to carry on a normal and functional life relative to a healthy individual. Their specific needs should be met under the American with Disabilities Act.

The Right to Eat: Latex gloves should be banned from the foodservice industry and the Department of Health of each state should enforce the use of non-Latex gloves while prepping food. Any restaurant or food manufacturing company should be fined if found to be using Latex in their food prepping or production.

The Right to Medical Attention: Hospitals and medical care facilities should be completely Latex free so that those suffering from the illness can seek medical care whenever needed.

The Right to WORK: Work environments should be Latex free. Any employees showing Latex allergy symptoms should be accommodated and Latex products should be removed from the work atmosphere.

The Right to BREATH: Those who suffer from the more advanced stages of Latex allergies can get reactions by inhaling Latex particles. That means, if they just smell a product containing latex, they will get a reaction. Manufacturers and public officials should work to remove Latex from every day life so that airborne Latex allergy reactions are not common.

The Right to A NORMAL LIFE: Public areas and consumer products should not use natural Latex in their products. For example: use of latex in carpeting, automobiles, children's playgrounds, fitness centers, etc.


Note: Please submit your information only once so our statistics are accurate.


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