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Do you get Latex allergy symptoms when you eat at a restaurant? How about when you go to a hospital or a doctor's office? Do you feel like nobody understands what a Latex allergy is like and nobody is on your side? There are many people in the country who have allergic reactions to latex. The problem is, nobody knows about it. One of the reasons there are so many people out there who suffer from Latex allergies is most people are not educated about it and don't know what allergy sufferers have to go through. If you suffer from Latex allergies and have a story to tell, we want to hear it. By posting your story and some of your experiences, you will get to let the world know what it is like to suffer from this type of illness; especially since Latex is everywhere you go. The stories submitted will be used not only to educate the world about Latex allergies and their effects, but to show lawmakers that a change is needed.






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